Happy Birthday to Me

In the last week, the following things happened.  None of them are related to Land Use or the Environment – at least, not directly.

I bought a new (well, new to me – definitely used) road bike.

I was run over on my old bike in a crosswalk by an adorable and apologetic young journalism major.  She is paying to replace my u-shaped rear wheel.

I attended the first ever GSU Football Game and the accompanying tailgate. I am not generally a football person, or really a tailgate person – but I like beer and I like marching bands, and due to my experience with the latter I can at least tell what’s happening on a football field.  I had an excellent time.

I found out that Rox’s chemo treatments are actually working – some of the cancer nodules in her lungs have disappeared.

Our client in clinic may have just received the date for her hearing. . . this is unconfirmed, but it is entirely possible that soon I will be acting like a real lawyer.  I mean – even sooner than I thought.

I turned 29.