The BriefMoot

We’re turning in our letter brief today for the hearing.  We did a practice round of it yesterday morning.  My supervising attorney kept calling it the “moot”.  I just can’t use the word “moot” for that, somehow.  I mean, what is wrong with the word practice, anyway?  As far as I’m concerned, moot works well for issues a court won’t address, and possibly a gathering of dwarf leaders in an obscure mountain cave to discuss an impending cataclysm. . .but not a practice hearing.

Anyway.  We did it.  It was recommended that I not use the word “puke” in my closing argument.  Ah well.  Vomit just doesn’t have the same impact, but I guess that would be the more formal way of expressing the activity.  There just isn’t a nice way to talk about barfing.  So I have to work on tightening things up and being more formal, as I’m trying to convince an ALJ, not a jury. (But ALJs are people too. Right?)

I digress (frequently).  The letter brief goes in today, which apparently means that we spend the whole day at the office running around and getting last minute things taken care of.  For some reason I can’t quite muster the panic everyone else seems to think this event demands, but maybe I can look forward to absorbing a little today by osmosis.  I hope to escape briefly to go get a document notarized.    I also have a job interview, which is awesome because a.) it could lead to a job and b.) it will get me out of the crazy office.