What is a Travail Anyway? Other Than a Seven Letter Word. . .

Yesterday was my first day of gainful (financially gainful.  I’m sure my internships were full of experiential gain and all that.) employment since August, 2008.  Today is my last day of freedom before the final semester of classes, scrabble, research and the subsequent bar prep mania – where you do it all again, only faster. I’ve done laundry, reorganized my room, taken Buster in for a bath, and made four weeks worth of pizza dough and sauce to prepare for the trials and travails ahead. I even cleaned off my desk, reducing the mountain of unexamined paperwork, notes, wrappers, outlines, junk mail, and real mail to a small hill of bills that need to be paid when I get my loans.  I’m quite proud of myself.

I have decided that this year is going to be better than last year.  I know everybody says that.  But I still have.

The new job seems good.  They are allowing me to set my own hours, so I’m going in every morning before classes start.  So far I’ve made copies, attempted to organize a somewhat fubar file of invoices, visited the Dekalb County Courthouse to look at a file, and written one blog.

I’m not terribly proud of the blog.  I’m not supposed to spend too much time on them, but since I’m writing about an area of law that is largely new to me, even a few paragraphs require a bunch of research, just so I don’t say anything dead wrong.  Even then, unless I stumble across the perfect explanation of a point of law in Georgia (right. That’s sort of what I’m supposed to be creating.), the whole thing is a haze of generalities, because I don’t want to use a specific and have it turn out to be an exception. Gah!  Anyway.  Hopefully I’ll improve over time.

Visiting the courthouse was interesting.  I imagine it was the sort of trip that get to be routine and vaguely irritating after a while, but for me it was the first time I actually went to a clerk and requested court documents, so I felt very important.  And professional.  And refused to be daunted by the basement, the bored clerk or the stinky guy behind me in line.  So close to real life! So. . .close. . . ehn.

Tomorrow I start reading for classes.