Monthly Archives: April 2011

To Paper or not to Paper

Once you get out of your first year, many law school classes will allow you to choose between taking a test at the end of the term and writing a paper.  I always choose the paper.  


Into the Wild

It’s a dark and stormy night.  I want you all to know that it is still Friday as I begin to type this, and therefore, if it is not posted until Saturday (or sometime thereafter) it’s because of storm related power/modem loss, not my poor time management.


Today I spent my first morning the magistrate’s court with as a public defender intern.


Glasses half full of it

People keep posting count-downs to graduation on gchat and facebook.  I think they are meant to be encouraging, something about how close we’re getting. . . apparently I’m not a glass half-full sort of person.  I look at the numbers and think, my god, I have to take two tests and write about 60 pages of research brilliance between now and then.  And when it’s over, I have to find a Real Job.  So I guess you could say that my joy can be contained, at this point.

Regardless of the water level, graduation approaches.


Tying Up Loose Ends. Carefully.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spoken with a lot of people about the speaker for our graduation ceremony – initially because I believed I would be writing an article on it for the Docket.  An article, by the way, that I did not volunteer for, though I thought it was important that someone (preferably someone else) wrote it.  I will not be writing that article, for the reasons articulated below.  For those of you who are curious, here is what I know about the course of events that will leave Docket readers with no news about the speaker controversy, but which has had some positive result.