To Paper or not to Paper

Once you get out of your first year, many law school classes will allow you to choose between taking a test at the end of the term and writing a paper.  I always choose the paper.  Some people prefer the tests.  I prefer to be in control of my own timeline.  I had one term when I did have multiple tests required, and rather than being comfortably stretched over the entire two week exam period, they were all clustered together during the first four days.  It was awful (though it did make my finals period mercifully brief).  So now I choose papers, because I like the flexibility of making my own time line for studying and writing.  Also, I can do it all from the comfort of my office, with decent coffee, dogs on my feets, and pajamas.

. . .and I’m a control freak.

This is the first, term however, where I don’t have a single in-class exam.  That sounds awesome, right?  And it would be, except that I have two take-homes – one of which will be nine pages of essay questions – and three term papers to write.  So that’s roughly seventy pages of brilliant legal analysis that I will be churning out before May 12.  Most of it on the most riveting subject of all. . .administrative law!!

Ok, to be honest, I’m sort of fascinated with agencies. It started with the environmental law interest, and then expanded.  I just can’t get over this whole subset of offices that essentially runs the country, but for the most part is ignored by mainstream attention.  So I’m going to tell you what I’m working on, and you may not leave any commentary about my nerdliness unless it’s highly complimentary.  I will delete it.  Because I can. (This website assuages my need to be in control.)

I’m close to done with a paper on the interaction between the FDA and the FTC with respect to communication with the public about foods and drugs.  (Is it a label?  Is it just advertising?  Is it both?  Find out next time when the FTC sues you for 5 million dollars!)

I’m writing another one about the differences in clinical testing requirements for veterinary pharmaceuticals and people drugs.  Excuse me while I shove my glasses up my nose.

I’m also supposed to be writing a paper for my Advanced Evidence class, but I haven’t figured out a topic yet.  May 12th seems hopelessly far away. . . but also frighteningly imminent.