More than Five

It was a little over a month ago, but it seems like a lifetime.  (Finals, Graduation and Bar Prep will do that.)  But shortly before finals, the Georgia State Law Environmental Law Society put on the last event of the year, and the last even the 3L board would organize: A Captain Planet viewing party with one of the co-creators of the cartoon herself. We actually began planning a movie lunch of Captain Planet videos over Christmas break – the President of Environmental Law Society being the sort of person who likes to have things planned ahead.  (Unfortunately, the rest of law school is not used to that kind of thinking, and we wound up having to reschedule the dang thing twice.)  Through my internship under Justine Thompson at Greenlaw, I had heard about some kind of activisty group centered around Captain Planet Cartoons.  So I got Barbara Pyle‘s email from GreenLaw and sent her a note.

Barbara Pyle, Jane Stebbins, Andrew Hagenbush

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect a reply.  Barbara is one of the co-creators of Captain Planet, and I felt a little bit like I was emailing outside of my sphere of reality.  But I got an enthusiastic reply back, and we commenced to scheduling attempts.  I will not bore you with the details.  The cumulative effect of that little debacle was our president commenting with exasperated sarcasm that we should just have the thing on April 20th and advertise munchies.  He honestly ought to have known better than to present me with such a perfect marketing scheme and expect me not to run with it.

In addition to Cartoons and Munchies on 4/20 being the perfect way to advertise an Environmental Law Society event (we’re actually quite professional, but it’s hard to shake the hippy stigma; might as well use it), it turned out that was the day after the official release of the Captain Planet Season 1 DVD.  Soooo things came together really brilliantly.

Barbara came with her right hand man, Kyle King, gave introductions to her favorite episodes, and pitched the Planeteers movement.  We had an unbelievable turnout for a law school gathering, especially one two days before finals.  The room was full of pizza eating, exhausted students, and they were a great audience.  When we started playing the DVDs, there were law students singing along with the theme song, cheering, and  laughing at cheesy-fantastic Captain Planet jokes. Pretty much awesome.

So that was the Captain Planet party, and also my introduction to the Planeteers, which is a pretty extensive network made up primarily (not not exclusively) of young people focused on the issues raised in the cartoons; environment, endangered species, alternative energy, etc.  I’m still kind of a newbie, so if you’re curious about the Planeteers, go here for a better intro than I can give you.

If you just want a taste of the cartoon, go here.