Why Bar Prep Makes Your Whole Life Better

I am on day 19 of Bar Review.  (plus weekends, which don’t technically have assignments, but seem to get used up with make up work anyway)  As it happens, while it infinitely sucks, bar prep actually makes your life better. EVERYthing is better than another minute in front of a video lecturer telling you things you know enough about to be bored by, but not enough to pass practice tests.

I am also on week 5 of why-don’t-I-make-my-graduated-unemployed-limbo-life-better-by-depriving-my-tummy-of-everything-it-loves diet.  Ordinarily, this is so depressing that preparing any of my remaining food options doesn’t seem worth the effort.  However, if it means I can ditch the computer for a few minutes, I’m suddenly thrilled to be dividing out more egg whites.

Jogging in the humid, 90 degree, bug filled morning becomes a delightful prospect.  (I will also admit that Maggie’s wild excitement when she sees the running shoes go on helps.)

Doing the dishes becomes something I simply must attend to.  Now.  Maybe wipe down the counters.  And. . .possibly take apart the entire refrigerator just to get at that one smudge at the back wall. . .

I think of things I need from the store daily.

Going to my internship at the public defender is like escaping from from jail. (also, along with the rest of my sense of humor, my sense of subtle irony has been blunted considerably)

I’ve suddenly developed interests in all sorts of news items. (for instance, did you know that the Oryx conservation program has been very successful?  Hooray!)

I fall asleep on your desk during the day but not in bed at night.

I wrote two songs.

And emails.

And blogs . . .

And I love doing ALL of it.