Monthly Archives: July 2011

Craigslisting for Law Jobs

There are a number of websites, search engines, online and offline networking techniques out there for job searching as a law school graduate.  I’m working them all; I have a linkd-in profile, my Facebook page is connected to my indeed and simply hired accounts.  I peruse the job postings on the school website, the website, and the various contract legal websites.  I’m meeting people for coffee and trying to create a real life network.

And when no post has been left un-resumed, I go to craigslist.


Bar Done!

Jane’s Top 5 Bar Exam Observations and a Public Service Announcement:

5.) 5 Hour Energy Stock on the Rise.
5 Hour Energy and somebody who makes the bar exam rules are sleeping together. This year, all drinks but water in a clear container were banned from the room. A thousand exhausted human beings who have been subsisting almost entirely on caffeine for the previous three years (not to mention the previous six weeks) are suddenly denied their favorite drug. Stock in those little red bottles must have gone through the roof on July 25.



Three days to the bar.

No, wait. . .Five days until the bar has been taken!

That’s pretty much all I’ve got right now.