Bar Done!

Jane’s Top 5 Bar Exam Observations and a Public Service Announcement:

5.) 5 Hour Energy Stock on the Rise.
5 Hour Energy and somebody who makes the bar exam rules are sleeping together. This year, all drinks but water in a clear container were banned from the room. A thousand exhausted human beings who have been subsisting almost entirely on caffeine for the previous three years (not to mention the previous six weeks) are suddenly denied their favorite drug. Stock in those little red bottles must have gone through the roof on July 25.

4.) Opportunities for larceny inside: over a thousand valid drivers licenses were placed carefully on the edges of the testing tables and left there throughout the day each day. Many remained even while crowds of people charged in and out of the huge room.

3.). . .and burglary without: we were not allowed to bring anything into the exam except computer, pencils and the aforementioned water. Consequently, the parking lot was a cornucopia of smartphones, wallets, GPS devices and 5 Hour Energy drinks.

2.) Heads up: Freezing. The room. was. freezing. Bring a sweatshirt and maybe some warm pajama pants. Or, you could be one of the three douchebags that wore suits. Oh yes they did. With ties. I dunno – maybe they actually had to work after? Otherwise, they are not forgiven.

1.) Another public service announcement: Results come in on October 28th. That would be three months from now. I am working hard to compartmentalize. I know I haven’t been capable of talking about anything but the bar for the last six weeks. Now that it’s over, I don’t want to talk about it any more. Ever.