Public Service Announcement

This particular blog is for any and all persons currently in or destined to be in the unenviable position of loving a person about to take the bar exam.  

At this point, slightly more than a week out, you’ve figured out that we’re stressed out and exhausted and generally useless for conversation, emotional support, or even personal hygiene.  Also, we’ve taken the art of making mountains out of molehills to a whole new level.  We make planets out of molehills.  Solar systems.  With all the drama and verbal brilliance that will one day (hopefully, assuming we pass the bar) bring judges to tears and wrap juries around our pinkies, we’re currently overreacting to stubbed toes, dirty dishes, and your clothes in the dryer.


We know we’re doing it, and we don’t really like it, and apologies seem to come out wrong, and it will all be over soon.  It’s not just to make you miserable.  I promise.  We are waaaay to focused on ourselves (our future, or lack thereof. . .) to be worried about you right now.  My mom would say you’re adding jewels to your crown in heaven.  But in the meantime, we ask for patience and understanding of a very important fact:  The time we set aside from studying is like oxygen.

It’s not the time to talk about anything that is supposed to happen after July 27th.  July 28th isn’t actually real to us right now.  Meaningful conversation is also out.  If you’ve realized this, and opted for mutual escapism, it is not the time for art films, documentaries, or any kind of critically laudable “piece” that reflects the deeper truths reflected in the human soul.

Disney is ok.  Buffy is good.  Game of Thrones, True Blood, Football – excellent.  Anything with bombs, spaceships, sex, dragons, well choreographed violence or aliens is also probably kosher.  If it’s black and white, it should probably have Cary Grant in it.   Reality is to be avoided at all costs.

Our personalities are supposed to return sometime in October.  We love you.  Stay strong.