Monthly Archives: October 2011


I am good at compartmentalizing.  I mean, really good.  I managed to shelve worrying for three solid months, concentrating on meetings and networking and interning. 


Upon Maturity and Hair Product

I talked to my mom last night over google’s version of Skype.  (What a nonsensical sentence.  Imagine reading that 15 years ago.)  I was sitting in my most comfortable old sweats, which double as pajamas.  We were discussing hair products, and, as she tends to do whenever I share any of my discoveries in the beauty and personal hygiene department, she reminded my of my absolute refusal to take any of her advice in the same area as a teen-ager.


Reflections on Writing With a Pen

I never cared much for handwriting.  For one thing, I learned to type when I was sixteen and never looked back.  As the use of computers became pervasive, nearly every piece of information I wrote or received was typed.  I took notes for classes on my laptop, wrote and received emails and set up reminders on my online calendar.  Now, while I pursue informational interviews and work with clients in the courtroom, the computer is gone.    My own handwriting, always the smudged, left-handed, half-cursive despair of my elementary school teachers, suddenly has to be legible again.