Blogs, Interviews and O.J. for the 21st century

It would have been a fun exercise in writing for the last few months to keep all of you up to date on my interview experiences.  I have been to some very interesting places and spoken with some very (crazyweirdgrossfascinating) interesting people.  Sadly, while it would have been fun to write about, it would also probably been detrimental to the end goal of the interviews.  I’m unlikely to get a call back from someone who finds themselves described in loving detail on my blog; unless I somehow manage to paint them exactly the way they’d like to be painted. (probably not.)  Also, I have managed to choose myself a career that rests solidly on the value of discretion.  Discretion and blogging are not mutually exclusive. . . but let’s just say they’re difficult to wed.  A third difficulty for blogging-while-job-hunting revealed itself at a few interviews.  Potential employers actually read this thing, and if I start spouting off politics and passion on the wrong topic, potential jobs could vanish into a puff of conservative cigar smoke.

Hence my long silence.

I am happy to say that the first difficulty is no longer an issue, because I have accepted  a position at  a small criminal defense firm down town.  I will have a caseload, training, all the in-court time I could want, and probably then some.  (Pause to jump around the room with joy.)  However, at this point, the blog has to morph away from the way it began.  Most of my personal experiences are going to be off limits, because they’ll probably have to do with clients, to whom I will owe my confidentiality and discretion.

I’m not sure what the next few weeks will bring.  I don’t start working until the end of March. In the meantime, who’s excited about the BP trial?!  Me!!  I wish there was a way I could actually watch it.  I’d have an opening statement party on the 27th, with organic chips and vegetarian dip, and extra chairs dragged in front of the TV. Because, you know, lot’s of other people would probably get that excited about 7 hours of highly technical legal discussion, and they’d want to come over and join me.  Sadly, this cannot be.  The court has issued an order definitively denying real-time televised broadcasting to anyone outside the court.  (and that section of the order is in bold, no less.)  We’ll have to keep an eye on the blogs and papers instead, I guess.  There are a few rumors on Google that they are going to try to settle, but that seems pretty unlikely, if they haven’t yet.  If you’re interested in what’s happened so far, here is a link to the list of pre-trial orders and motions that have already happened.