Blog Hard. Tree Pretty.

So, in addition to my litigation work with King, King and Jones, I do contract research and writing work for civil firms.   I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, but all of the circumspection and confidentiality makes it difficult to blog.There’s not much more to say, I suppose.  Except that I have just finished a couple of really fascinating little research projects where I got to dig around for all kinds of interesting little details.    Town ordinances are just. . .awesome.  (nerd much? oh well.) I mean, you drag along through all this boring, redundant,  common sense stuff, and then, bang!  There’s a section about the penalty for allowing your weeds to grow long enough that lizards and other dangerous animals can live there.

Then you wonder. . .are there actual dangerous lizards in Georgia? (The answer appears to be no, based on a brief google frolic after conscientiously completing my paid project.  I know you’re relieved.)

Anyway.  Wish I could elaborate.  Can’t, except to say that it’s nice get back in the weeds.