The Academic Bubble

School, things relating to school, whining about school, loving school, being in school, being schooled and anything else related to Georgia State University College of Law.


As a birthday present, my s.o. bought me one of those DNA tests that tell you what your dog is.  The perfect gift – too frivolous to justify getting myself but, oh man, was I excited to find out.  Of course, the test takes two to three weeks to process. Meanwhile, the bar examiners release […]


I am good at compartmentalizing.  I mean, really good.  I managed to shelve worrying for three solid months, concentrating on meetings and networking and interning. 

Fossil Fuel and Coffee

Coming up with things to write about during this time is difficult.  By “this time”, I mean the state of limbo between taking the bar and getting results, job hunting while almost a lawyer, and generally wondering whether the law degree you worked so hard for is any better than that liberal arts degree you […]

Bar Done!

Jane’s Top 5 Bar Exam Observations and a Public Service Announcement: 5.) 5 Hour Energy Stock on the Rise. 5 Hour Energy and somebody who makes the bar exam rules are sleeping together. This year, all drinks but water in a clear container were banned from the room. A thousand exhausted human beings who have […]

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