My GPS is Possessed, and other potential catastrophes

So I’m now officially a criminal defense lawyer.  I know this, not because I got hired by  a criminal defense firm and I’m defending (alleged) malefactors with neck tattoos, but because I have my very own little red book.

You know what I’m talking about.  NOW I’m for real.


For love of Wikis

One of the biggest bummers about graduating and moving into the job market is losing the plenary Lexis and Westlaw access they give you in school.  (I said “one of”.  The surprise graduation/bar certification expenses and the job “market” devolution into a roadside fruit stand are pretty lame, too.)


Blowing it Brecht Style

It is important in life (and death, probably) not to lose your sense of humor.  The great playwright Bertolt Brecht used to push his audience to disassociate themselves from the play’s characters so that the political truth, or message of the piece* would be easier to comprehend.  I remember a discussion – in what seems like another life – of ways of creating Brechtian alienation in an audience.  You could have them smoke, or create some non sequitur, strangeness, or humor on stage.


How to be indigent in Georgia

This blog is about being “indigent”, which, as far as I can tell, is a word that only comes up in legalese.  Most people just say “poor”, or use other, less politically correct adjectives.