Life Lessons

Emotional Gut Shots and other Hazards of Public Defense

I’m spending more time with the conflict defenders now that the bar is over.  Fridays are mostly domestic violence cases, and this morning was remarkably slow for a Friday.  Several defendants had private attorneys, so I got to sit back and watch a lot more than normal.  It was sort of relaxing.  

Oh Friday, Where Art Thou?

I am drinking Arrogant Bastard ale (it felt appropriate today, somehow) at 3 in the afternoon and  waiting for my lunch to magically arrive.  This morning I dreamed a friend showed up in my room at 6 a.m. to show me something neat and I started screaming and throwing things at them.

Suit and Game Face

First year of law school, a lot of us dressed up in suits and got all professional looking because we thought it was funny.  A friend sat down right beside me and didn’t recognize me until I said hi. I sort of miss those days.

What Matters

I took Rox in for chemo again this morning.  She still hates it, but she’s at least loosened up enough to try to jump onto the counter and beg for treats.  I’m not looking forward to the next few days of refusal to eat and pathetically good behavior that inevitably follow each dose.

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