And he said it! Finally!

I watched the inauguration yesterday on Youtube.  I loved it.  I even loved Beyonce, who, frankly, ordinarily does nothing for me.  The choir made me cry.  (In a good way.)  After so much contention and struggle, it was absolutely blissful to see a ceremony that hit on nearly every issue I really care about.

We have spent months and years arguing over “political questions” that seem to me to be survival questions, with obvious, necessary answers.  


Blog Hard. Tree Pretty.

So, in addition to my litigation work with King, King and Jones, I do contract research and writing work for civil firms.   I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, but all of the circumspection and confidentiality makes it difficult to blog.


Ocean Power

Up to this point, I had heard vague mentions of harnessing ocean power for energy, but I really had no idea what the technology entailed.  I certainly had no idea it was so far along that something like this would be happening off the coast of Reedsport!