The Wider World

My attempts to assimilate real life and the academic bubble I live in.

Blogs, Interviews and O.J. for the 21st century

It would have been a fun exercise in writing for the last few months to keep all of you up to date on my interview experiences.  I have been to some very interesting places and spoken with some very (crazyweirdgrossfascinating) interesting people.  Sadly, while it would have been fun to write about, it would also […]

Unfortunate Combinations

I’ve been doing some work for my Dad’s firm out in Oregon for the last month or so; all research, so I can work remotely.  It’s been a great experience.  In addition to some fun local government stuff, which ties into my land use interests handily, I’ve been researching for some medical malpractice work, looking […]

Go not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.

There’s a video clip bopping around Facebook right now – it’s apparently an interview with a former KGB operative, one Yuri Bezmenov, in 1985.  It inspired the following rant. (There.  It’s a rant.  You’ve been warned.)  The video was definitely unearthed and digitized by someone with an agenda, but watching it, I wondered who, exactly, […]

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