New News

So it’s been over a year since I updated here.  Um. Sorry.  The latest and greatest is that I am back in the small yet super town where I grew up, working in all the areas of law I’m interested in.  Land Use, Local Government, Landlord Tenant. . .the works!  It’s pretty sweet.

I have to take the bar all over again here, which is less awesome.  But in two weeks and one day, that will be over.  Hopefully. (Cross your fingers for me, please.  I really don’t want to do it again.)

Anyway.  My new firm can be found here.  (And yes, I’m working on updating the website.)

Emotional Gut Shots and other Hazards of Public Defense

I’m spending more time with the conflict defenders now that the bar is over.  Fridays are mostly domestic violence cases, and this morning was remarkably slow for a Friday.  Several defendants had private attorneys, so I got to sit back and watch a lot more than normal.  It was sort of relaxing.  


Into the Wild

It’s a dark and stormy night.  I want you all to know that it is still Friday as I begin to type this, and therefore, if it is not posted until Saturday (or sometime thereafter) it’s because of storm related power/modem loss, not my poor time management.


Today I spent my first morning the magistrate’s court with as a public defender intern.


Glasses half full of it

People keep posting count-downs to graduation on gchat and facebook.  I think they are meant to be encouraging, something about how close we’re getting. . . apparently I’m not a glass half-full sort of person.  I look at the numbers and think, my god, I have to take two tests and write about 60 pages of research brilliance between now and then.  And when it’s over, I have to find a Real Job.  So I guess you could say that my joy can be contained, at this point.

Regardless of the water level, graduation approaches.