Working. Sort of.

Internships, clinics, and other opportunities to pretend I’m a real lawyer.

What is a Travail Anyway? Other Than a Seven Letter Word. . .

Yesterday was my first day of gainful (financially gainful.  I’m sure my internships were full of experiential gain and all that.) employment since August, 2008.  Today is my last day of freedom before the final semester of classes, scrabble, research and the subsequent bar prep mania – where you do it all again, only faster.

As My Favorite Litigation Prof Would Say. . .

I won my first hearing on Wednesday.  One little boy who deserves it will be getting some money from the Social Security Administration.

The BriefMoot

We’re turning in our letter brief today for the hearing.  We did a practice round of it yesterday morning.  My supervising attorney kept calling it the “moot”.  I just can’t use the word “moot” for that, somehow.  I mean, what is wrong with the word practice, anyway?  As far as I’m concerned, moot works well […]

Hearings, Latin and Scribble.

I interned with GreenLaw for six months last year and over the summer.  One of the projects we worked on during that time is going to trial – well, technically a hearing in front of an ALJ – starting on Monday.  I really enjoyed watching the last one – which was pretty short and to […]

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