Areas of interest:

  • Medical/Personal Injury
  • Land Use/Local Government
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Labor

For love of Wikis

One of the biggest bummers about graduating and moving into the job market is losing the plenary Lexis and Westlaw access they give you in school.  (I said “one of”.  The surprise graduation/bar certification expenses and the job “market” devolution into a roadside fruit stand are pretty lame, too.) Continue reading “For love of Wikis”

Unfortunate Combinations

I’ve been doing some work for my Dad’s firm out in Oregon for the last month or so; all research, so I can work remotely.  It’s been a great experience.  In addition to some fun local government stuff, which ties into my land use interests handily, I’ve been researching for some medical malpractice work, looking into epidemiology and some case specific details. Continue reading “Unfortunate Combinations”

Go not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.

There’s a video clip bopping around Facebook right now – it’s apparently an interview with a former KGB operative, one Yuri Bezmenov, in 1985.  It inspired the following rant. (There.  It’s a rant.  You’ve been warned.)  The video was definitely unearthed and digitized by someone with an agenda, but watching it, I wondered who, exactly, thought it was going to help their cause. Continue reading “Go not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.”