How to Make a Fine Powder of Teeth

I bestow upon you today five things I have learned in the  course of the past year about being an attorney. . .or at least, being an attorney’s intern.  I have been the effectively silenced recipient of most of these tactics, and I look forward with some anticipation to a future opportunity to make someone else grind their teeth.  I have no doubt all of them will be of use once I’ve passed the bar and become a responsible adult:


Hot and Satisfying

So I actually got to work in the office this week!

I am aware that generally this isn’t cause for rejoicing, but having finally nabbed an internship on Peachtree, (Atlanta’s Avenue of Impressive Buildings and Expensive Suits) I want to actually spend some time there. 


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

There is a squirrel staring at me.  I hate squirrels.

This week has been a focus nightmare.  Rox (my dog, my baby, and the very first creature I ever loved unconditionally enough to get a real job and provide for) is very sick and unlikely to recover.  They think it’s lung cancer.  Not fair, since she’s only five and never smoked a day in her life.  Mostly, this is unrelated to being an environmental law student – except that it presents a severe challenge to my focus and priorities.   Together with the squirrel, it’s pretty near impossible for me to make sense of all this paper.