Miles from Nowhere

Cities and counties in Georgia have different rules of municipal immunity.  Who knew? Not me. The state I was researching last week lumps them all together.  Having never researched GA laws on the topic however, I did not know such delineations existed.  Sooo that memo I was writing?  Lets just say that I didn’t finish it last Friday.  I’mlearningstuffI’mlearningstuffI’mlearningstuff. . .


How to Make a Fine Powder of Teeth

I bestow upon you today five things I have learned in the  course of the past year about being an attorney. . .or at least, being an attorney’s intern.  I have been the effectively silenced recipient of most of these tactics, and I look forward with some anticipation to a future opportunity to make someone else grind their teeth.  I have no doubt all of them will be of use once I’ve passed the bar and become a responsible adult:


Hot and Satisfying

So I actually got to work in the office this week!

I am aware that generally this isn’t cause for rejoicing, but having finally nabbed an internship on Peachtree, (Atlanta’s Avenue of Impressive Buildings and Expensive Suits) I want to actually spend some time there.