Insert Bob Dylan Song Here

Lots of big events this week.  As a dirty liberal, I am excited about the California Court ruling on Proposition 8.  The NY Times ran an article about consumer demand causing legal changes to factory farms; chickens are getting more space and fewer hormones.  Hooray!  Closer to home, and farther from cool, the J&J Corporation, which makes chemicals for the “portable sanitation industry”, managed to dump a bunch of chemicals into a creek near Athens, turning the water a brilliant blue rivaled only by cartoons and chick drinks at tiki bars.  There is some irony to the “sanitation” company making a humongous mess, I suppose.  But not enough to make it ok.


Learning Experiences and Turtles

Today I’m going on an “informational interview”, which is what they call it when I, the student, cold call or email an attorney out of nowhere and demand to know all the whys and hows of getting to their state of fabulous success.  It’s good networking, good learning experience, etc.  While I highly recommend doing this – it’s how I got my last internship – it’s terrifying.  So, instead of dwelling on it, I’m going to write about last Friday: